Success Stories

Over the last 4 years many of our medal winning sake have gone on to find distribution overseas. Here are just a few:

2015 - Gold

Success Stories

Bride of the fox

Brewery: Kaetsu

Shops: Fine Food Specialist (UK)

Suigei Ginrei

Brewery: Suigei / Shops: AH (Holland) , LIQ9 (Thailand)

Kinokuniya Bunzaemon

Brewery: Nakano BC / Shops: Sake Online (Australia)


Brewery: Tenju / Shops: Sakaya NYC (USA), Drink Up NYC (USA)


Brewery: Tsunan / Shops: Harrods (UK)

2014 - Gold

Rojoh Hana Ari Aoi

Rojoh Hana Ari Aoi

Brewery: Nishiyama

Shops: Hedonism (UK) / Sakaya (USA)

2013 - Gold

Katsuyama Lei

Katsuyama Lei

Brewery: Katsuyama

Shops: Hedonism (UK) / Japan Gourmet (Germany)

Suzume to Inaho

Brewery: Yoneda / Shops: Japan Centre (UK)

Fukuju Junmai Ginjo

Brewery: Kobe Shushinkan / Shops: Sake Japan (India), Jebsen Fine Wines (Hong Kong), Compass Wines (USA)

2015 - Silver

Toyonoaki AKA LABEL

Toyonoaki AKA LABEL

Brewery: Yoneda

Shops: Japan Center (UK)


Brewery: Nishiyama / Shops: Bacchus Online (Thailand)

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